A few themes persist in Grip Höök’s artistic practise; the spatial, policy indulgence, the past as it exists in the present, the nature of catastrophic events as part of human experience and the primal consciousness we share with all life on earth, plants, animals, birds and insects. By using the power of poetry to focus on the environmental policy Grip Höök attempt to displace the habitual vision and formulate a more discretionary photographic aesthetics.

Katarina Grip Höök ( b. 1962 ) lives and works in the south part of Sweden. She holds a MFA diploma from Gothenburg University Akademin Valand in Photography. She has collaborated with numerous of Sweden’s most established lifestyle magazines and advertising agencies. She has been awarded scholarships such as The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The Hasselbladfoundation and The Swedish Authors’ Fund. Grip Höök has participated in several solo- and group shows including Arbetets Museum, Malmö Museum and Visby konstmuseum. Her work have participated in five books.



2016 MFA / Photography Akademin Valand Göteborgs Universitet
2012 Gestaltande fotografi och kreativa processer Högskolan för fotografi, Göteborg
2008 Digital bildleverans Svenska fotografers förbund, Stockholm
2000 Visuell kommunikation, bildpedagogik Konstfack, Stockholm
1994 Ädelförfarande, Högskolan för fotografi, Göteborg


2013 Arbetsstipendium Sveriges författarfond, Stockholm
2005 Arbetsstipendium Sveriges författarfond, Stockholm
2002 Arbetsstipendium Sveriges författarfond, Stockholm
1999 Stipendium för pågående projekt Hasselbladsstiftelsen, Göteborg
1995 Arbetsstipendium Bildkonstnärsnämnden Stockholm

Solo shows

2000 Galleri Bildhuset Stockholm
2005 Fotogalleriet Visby
2000 Västerås Konstmuseum
1999 Arbetets Museum Norrköping
1996 Visby Konstmuseum, Visby

Group shows

2016 Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Stockholm
2003 Malmö Museum, Malmö


2011 Gotländska Träd och Skogar
2007 Gotländska Trädgårdar
2004 Inspiration Västkusten
2003 Inspiration Gotland
1999 Socker