Collage pigment print 150 x75 cm

Landscape’s most crucial condition is considered to be space but its deepest theme is time
– Rebecka Solnit.

In the archive you can see how the forests for a long time has been used for making Sweden one of the world’s richest countries. At the library in Loos, Hälsingland I found photographic memories that testify to the landscape change. The images form my understanding of the place, at the same time history disappears into the time.

Because of greed and misjudged weather conditions were formed in 1917 a gigantic accumulation of timber logs in the river Ljusnan. It took three years, a hundred classy men and a considerable amount of dynamite to dispel the so called bröt. The parallels to today’s ruthless profiteering is clear. It was during this era, around the turn of the century as the oldest and largest trees felled to be exported and converted to fuel and paper pulp.